Is limiting digital devices a positive thing?

Are you a parent concerned with digital media use? This article may be helpful to you, it discusses screen time, research statistics regarding technology use, and personal stories from mothers and childcare providers.



How can audiobooks help?


This article explains how audiobooks can be a wonderful tool to help students who struggle with reading enhance their literacy, fluency, and love for reading. Additionally the article provides a list of audiobooks and podcasts for children of all ages.

How Audiobooks Can Help Kids Who Struggle with Reading

The Brain and Bilingual Child


This attached article describes the meaning behind a dual-language classroom and its goal of bilinguism and biliteracy for all students as opposed to the traditional English first learning approach. Additionally the article discussed the strategy that the brain uses when switching back and forth between two different languages, executive function. Finally the article talks about how bilingual children are affected in the areas of attention, empathy, reading, school performance and engagement, diversity and integration, and cognitive decline.

What’s Going on Inside the Brain of a Bilingual Child?